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Membership services

  1. Veteran Premium Plastic Patriotic Membership Card

  2. All access Veteran members: Membership $19.99 a year

  3. Membership Manual Guide

  4. Quarterly Newsletter

  5. Request of member's medical, military records, medals & Ribbons

  6. Registration of veterans with wounded Warrior Alumni program as other Veteran Non-Profit orgs.

  7. Special free notary public service, and 20% off the second and third notarization on one session.  

  8. Free Boat Charter for veteran member – At Association Boat 

  9. All Access, Secured website account, for All Access members 

  10. Membership is $9.99 if claim processing is done for veteran - (Optional) Intake $39.99-Processing $39.99,  and  Conclusion $39.99. Three Periods = $129.87

  11. VA Navigation in the VA medical Centers, as process and best for been seen for healthcare services.

  12. Direct information events, conferences, & seminars with much benefit to you.  

  13. Non- Profit Veterans Organizations in our network 

  14. Association of businesses in our Network, and Veterans owned businesses   

  15. Guide for Veteran Owned business registration, federal contracting, and small business loans.     

What Are Your Options?

  •  Hours of research                                 Do Your Own Claim

  •  Complicated paperwork                                   40% 

  •  No answers to questions                                 Chance at Success 

  •  No professional help 


  •  Limited Knowledge of Best Practices         Veteran Service Organization

  •  Overwhelmed Clerks                                        75%

  •  LONG Wait Times                                             Chance at Success

  •  Incomplete Medical Assessments


  • Knowledge of benefit programs                VFCA, LLC.

  • Dedicated to answering questions                      95% 

  • Private Health Care Providers                             Chance at Success

  • Wealth of resource information​

  • Veterans Benefits Administration: Applying for Benefits

  • There are numerous ways to apply for VA benefits depending on the type of benefit you are seeking. We encourage you to work with a service officer, or veteran attorney who can assist you with the claims process. Our association will guide and advice. It will be your decision to make when applying for your benefits. 

  • Benefits How to Apply:

  • Before leaving military service – pre-discharge claims If you are a member of the armed forces serving on either active duty or full-time National Guard duty, you should apply through the VA Pre-discharge claim program before leaving service.

  • Veteran Readiness an Employment: benefits for service members and Veterans. 

The best way to file for Veteran Readiness and Employment services is to apply online at To submit a paper application, download and complete a VA Form 28-1900, "Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation" and mail it to your local regional office. You may also go to your local regional office and turn in your application for processing. Visit the Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E) website

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